A2G Group of Companies is an innovative architecture and urban design of fice, consisted of:

01. The constructional company A2G Contractors S.A.

02. The high standard, innovative architectural company A2G Architects

03. The sustainable department: A2G Green Consultants (in-house LEED colleagues)
The above structure allows the complete and integrative approach of each built project.

Basic Benefits for our Clients:

1. The maximum total cost saving
2. Three-year written guarantee of the quality of the construction.
3. Small deposit: first each phase of the construction is completed, then you pay.
4. Contact for issues of design, building permission, project management , construction with just one
entity: A2G Company.
5. Supervision and management of the construction by highly experienced engineers.

Special characteristics of A2G Architects:

1. Love and passion for what we do.
2. Care firstly for the successful implementation of the project and then for the financial factor and
personal reputation.
3. Is comprised of highly experienced personnel, being in constant education of the latest
4. Fair pricing of all the services that we provide: design, construction.
5. Deep knowledge of the construction.
6. Cooperation with companies abroad and being ready to establish a new base in the middle east.
7. Publications in renowned architectural magazines and books.
8. The sustainable department provides high-end services and consulting work in the fields of
sustainable design following globally certificated rating systems (LEED, ESTIDAMA, GRIHA).
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A2G Architects is a team of individuals dedicated to designing buildings with minimal ecological impact. It is comprised of highly experienced personnel, including specialized engineers and architects, providing all expertise necessary...

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